Carry your genome around on your iPhone

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23andme-logo.pngWhat if you around your genome — the full details of your personal DNA — on your cellphone and compare it instantly to the DNA of a prospective dating partner simply by sharing over a WiFi connection?

That just one bizarre thought that comes to mind, now that Jay Flatley, chief executive of Illumina, says he is already carrying around his genotype on his iPhone. Check out David Hamilton’s post on all this over at VentureBeat LifeSciences.

Flatley is one of the first to do that, because his company is partnering with 23andMe, the secretive personal-genomics startup founded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s wife, Anne Wojcicki, and now backed by Google and Genentech. Flatley spilled more details about what it is up to, including that the company’s initial emphasis will be on ancestry, although it seems likely that disease will be studied.

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