Widget company Goowy Media acquired by AOL

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goowy.JPGAOL has proved it’s still alive and kicking with the acquisition of Goowy Media, a widget developer based in San Diego.

Goowy was far from the only option on the table for AOL, with widget companies crawling out of the woodwork — Gydget, Kadoink and Widgetbox, to name just a few. However, Goowy had an advantage over its peers, having worked hand-in-hand with AOL since shortly after launching in late 2006.

The company provided widgets for the myAOL portal, although it also allowed other publishers and independent developers to make widgets on its Yourminis platform. It didn’t say whether it would work exclusively with AOL in the future.

The two companies didn’t disclose the acquisition price. Goowy had only taken seed funding to date, from entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Goowy also posted a blog entry on the acquisition, found here.