PublicEarth raises $3M for GPS data directory

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PublicEarth seems to be a little different from the various other GPS and location-based startups currently swarming the scene, although the company is currently in stealth.

According to an article from CommerceNet, written over a year ago, the company is building a directory of data for locations around the world. More from the article:

PublicEarth will create a database of relevant and concise, constantly updated content, created and managed by users, for users — content attached through geographical coordinates to relevant points of interest in the physical world…

This open and ever evolving database “describing the world around us” in organized, structured detail – will become the de facto standard for the next generation of mapping and mobile geographical specific content … operating in an open source and collaborative Wiki model…

The $3.025 million funding was provided by Polaris Venture Partners. PublicEarth is located in San Francisco.