Dear Twitter,

We need to talk. I build you up with these post about how great you are in situations like the recent earthquake in China. I write long rants defending your value and eventual viability. And then you let me down — with your constant downtime. I feel like people are so close to understanding your value, but it really is important that you be up for them to be able to.

What can I do? Help me help you. I repeat, help me, help you. Do you need more servers? Can you not find anyone to help scale the service? Do you maybe need more funding? We know some people in that field.

From VentureBeat
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I know you’re going to say, “it’s not you, it’s me” — and that is true, but really, we need to work through this together.

It’s been an hour. I miss you.

– Your most favorite Twitter user from VentureBeat

[Note: Yes, Twitter is and has been down once again for much of the day. I’ve emailed Twitter asking for a comment. I’ll update if I hear back.]

update: I see a new Twitter error message (screencap below), so that is something at least.

[photo: flickr/feverblue]

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