Land rush for Yahoo and email addresses starts tomorrow

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Are you sick of repeating your email address to acquaintances who can’t quite get all of the numbers right? Would you prefer something along the lines of If so, you may be in luck.

Tomorrow, Yahoo is opening two domains it owns: and, according to AppScout. The rocketmail domain name dates back 11 years when Yahoo purchased Four11, CNET notes. Rocketmail would go on to serve as a basis for Yahoo Mail.

Of course getting a shiny new domain could present a new kind of problem. Nearly every time I’ve tried to type “ymail” in this very story, I’ve typed “gmail” by accident. You can bet plenty of other users are going to do the same seeing how popular Google’s email service of that name has become.

So if you sign up for the name, you may want to shoot a hello email to the owner of the one and politely ask if they wouldn’t mind forwarding any personal messages over to you that they receive by accident.

[photo: flickr/Serge Melki]