Here’s the latest action:

Cleantech has another record quarter — A total of $1.6 billion went into cleantech during the most recent quarter. However, much of the money came in a few massive later-stage rounds, so the sector shouldn’t breathe easy in the face of recession.

US economy contracts most in seven years — Analysts expect a massive 2.5 percent drop in GDP growth next year. More detail at Reuters.

MTV exec may head MySpace Music — MTV vice president Courtney Holt may be offered the vacant top position at the new MySpace Music, according to CNET.

Imeem adds global indie labels — Social music sharing site Imeem has agreed to join with Beggars Group and Matador Records to promote the label’s artist rosters on its site.

From VentureBeat
VB just released The State of Marketing Analytics: Insights in the age of the customer. $499 on VB Insight, or free with your martech subscription.

EMusic cutting 10 percent of staff — Meanwhile, music subscription service eMusic will slice 10 percent of its workforce, citing slowing growth.

Google not such an inspiring example after all — Downturn optimists like to point to Google as a company that started in the downturn and went on to stunning success. GigaOm shreds that “modern day fable”.

Sun dims — Server maker Sun Microsystems reported a huge $1.68 billion loss for its third quarter. Critics say the company must change its tactics.

Game companies accuse innocent of copyright infringement — Non-gamers have been caught in the crossfire of copyright protection efforts by game companies, reports the BBC.

Lithium-ion still tricky for electronics — Sony is embroiled in another battery recall after finding out that yet another batch of notebook batteries are a risk.

12seconds partners with BBC, Current TV — Video instant messaging service 12seconds, the “Twitter of video”, is joining with two major media outlets to do election coverage.

Social sharing is vital to video consumption — MySpace, YouTube and AOL executives on a panel all agreed that video has a vital social component. Watch the video, below.