Kontagent brings analytics to Facebook Connect for the iPhone

Another piece of the Facebook developer ecosystem has arrived on the iPhone: Advanced analytics software made by Kontagent. Facebook developers moving to the iPhone, as well as existing iPhone developers, can now get the benefit of the company’s tools, especially as they explore using Facebook’s integration between its Connect service and the iPhone. The company already lets application developers compare how various feature changes in an application change its traffic, or view traffic based on demographic group, behavior, and other data. Now, the company is letting developers track growth on their iPhone applications caused by people using Facebook Connect to do things like play an iPhone game with their friends.

Developers can see whether certain types of users, like people playing the Mousehunt iPhone application, are inviting their friends on Facebook — and causing the app to grow. Mousehunt and a number of other applications are currently testing this service in private beta.

The company plans to expand to more general iPhone application analytics features beyond connect, but is focusing on “viral growth” for now. In terms of Kontagent rivals, Google’s analytics program, Pinch Media and other companies already offer analytics software for the iPhone. But their features provide a simpler view of demographic data and other information that developers can use to figure out what makes their applications grow and stay popular. Pinch Media just released its own analytics tool designed specifically for tracking Connect-iPhone traffic. Kontagent goes beyond that — for now — in terms of letting developers isolate and compare traffic variables.

More generally, the merging of Facebook and iPhone developer communities means more opportunity, and more competition for everyone. Facebook announced Connect integration last weekend. It lets developers create ways for users to interact with their Facebook friends within iPhone applications, and notify users on Facebook about what their friends are doing on the iPhone. Kontagent is following the developers from Facebook to the iPhone, which likely gives it an advantage going in. During the announcement last weekend, gaming applications from leading social network game developers like Zynga, SGN and Playfish, and others like restaurant review application UrbanSpoon introduced a range of apps for the iPhone that use Facebook Connect.