AdWhirl raises $1M for ad platform

One problem iPhone app developers wrestle with is which ad network to sign up with. It can take a couple of weeks to switch ad providers because the app needs to be re-approved by Apple.

AdWhirl is what computer programmers would call a meta-network. Through AdWhirl, app makers can choose and change ad networks on the fly. They can even let AdWhirl auto-switch among networks, like a load balancer, to maximize the return on their ad inventory.

Right now, the available networks are familiar iPhone players — AdMob, JumptapQuattro Wireless and Videoegg — but Google AdSense support is coming soon.

The company, which had previously run on angel funding, announced a million-dollar round of investment led by Foundation Capital and filled out by “several angel investors.”

AdWhirl recently claimed its top members were making $400 to $5,000 per day off their iPhone apps. One developer told FierceWireless that a free app he built was collecting more than $1,500 a day in ad revenue. You really could quit your day job.