LiquidPlanner raises $1M to help projects adapt when things go wrong

LiquidPlanner, which offers an online project management tool that focuses on accommodating changes in plans, has raised $1 million in funding.

The LiquidPlanner service launched about a year ago, and I found the concept pretty compelling: It has standard project management features like a calendar and tasks, but it also includes a lot of automation so that schedules and plans get adjusted as the situation changes. For example, each task is assigned a range of likely completion dates, then LiquidPlanner conducts a statistical analysis to estimate when the entire project is likely to finish. When people are running behind and have to adjust dates, the timelines for related tasks change too, as does the final estimate. So as components of the project change, a manager’s view of the whole thing shifts too.

The funding comes from the Alliance of Angels, the Bellingham Angel Group, and Seattle angel investor Geoff Entress. LiquidPlanner was founded by managers from Expedia and Microsoft Project and has been self-funded until now.

The Seattle startup says it now has more than 200 customers.