Contact service wants to bury the business card, a new service created by a startup called Digitrad, offers an easy way to store and share all your contact info. In doing so, it wants to help our society get past one of the more obnoxious holdovers from the pre-Internet age — the business card.

You’ve probably heard of ways to move your business cards to the web, such as CloudContacts. But those services aren’t really eliminating the need to hand out cards, they’re just creating an easier way to store the cards you have. has a different focus: From now on, instead of giving someone a card, you just tell people, “Go to”. (Uh, with your name inserted, of course.) When they do, visitors will see a handy list of all your contact info. Then they can click on that information to take action — for example, if they view your .tel page on their phone, they can tap on your phone number to give you a call.

Now I like the vision here, but of course there are many other ways to share your contact information online. In my case, my profiles on various social networks, my author profile on VentureBeat (see the box below this story), and my personal website all include my email address. The benefits here are the simple set-up, the fact that “.tel” domains are relatively open right now (compared to “.com” and others), and the additional services Digitrad provides, namely a local phone number with voicemail, an email re-direction system, and anti-spam and antivirus services has been available for about 10 weeks, and has seen about 250,000 registrations, the company says — and it just became available in the United States, where Digitrad is charging an $19.99 annual fee. The company has offices in Paris, London, and Silicon Valley and has raised $2.5 million provided by an angel investor, chief executive Micha Benoliel, and UK-based Winning Choices Holdings.

You can watch a commercial here.

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