Google Reader lets you snoop on friends' feeds, more easily share content

Google Reader, a Google service that pulls content from all your favorite news sites and blog into one place, has announced two new features for receiving and sharing information that’ll make it far more social.

The first lets you add friends’ feeds to Google Reader, provided those friends are using a Google Profile.

Of course, you can already subscribe to people’s updates on FriendFeed and Twitter, among other services, but Google Reader’s latest update makes it easy to find a friend’s blogs, photos and other updates and subscribe to several at a time. All you have to do is click a button for each feed after looking up the person’s profile.

Users who aren’t really interested in tracking their acquaintances’ every move might still find use in Google Reader’s new “Send to” feature, which will no doubt usher in a flood of new submissions to social media sites.


When you see content you like in Reader, clicking the “Send to” tab lets you check off multiple content-sharing sites — such as Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious — and beam a submission to all of them at once. So you no longer have to click through to the story and manually add it to each site.

Dedicated Google Reader users will also be happy to see added control over the “Mark as Read” option, which now lets you dismiss posts that are older than a day, week or two weeks.

To summarize, if you weren’t headed towards total media overload before, Google Reader will take you there in a hurry.

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