OneRiot lures developers by sharing real-time ad revenue

oneriotReal-time search engine OneRiot, which recently launched search ads, is now offering developers a revenue-sharing deal.

Developers that integrate results from OneRiot’s realtime ad network, RiotWise, into their projects will get a cut in the ad revenues. Partners can choose how they want the ads to look, whether they appear in the content stream, in the form of mobile banner ads, or in a text-block like Google’s AdSense ads.

The company won’t release its actual click-through rates on ads, but says they’re three to four times the standard rates in real-time apps. One their web site, these ads are usually for content like on The Huffington Post or Examiner.

Since Google launched real-time search last month, many young search startups are trying to focus on distributing their search results through partners. OneRiot has partnered with companies that offer instant messaging services to Twitter clients.

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