Charlie Rose hosts Mossberg, Arrington, David Carr on iPad (video)

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TechCrunch editor Mike Arrington has become a regular on Charlie Rose’s TV talk show. In his sixth appearance, he joins Wall Street Journal gadget overlord Walt Mossberg and The New York Times’ lyric poet of media reporting, David Carr.

The three-way interview is nearly 25 minutes long. If this were a weekday, I’d tell you which thirty seconds to skip to. But it’s the weekend. Kick back with your non-tablet computer and watch the whole thing.

p.s. If you’re wondering what happened to Arrington’s CrunchPad tablet computer, VentureBeat reported that Fusion Garage, the company he partnered with and now accuses of stealing the business from him, has inked a partnership with Malaysian cellphone company CSL Group. The CrunchPad, renamed the JooJoo and boosted from Mike’s $200 price target to $499, supposedly reaches the hands of people who pre-ordered one later in February.

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