How Sergey Brin uses Google Buzz as a business tool

Google Buzz, the social sharing tool that Google just announced at a press event in Mountain View, Calif., isn’t just for fun. The company said it’s going to be launching an enterprise version of Buzz as part of its Google Apps bundle of business applications.

During the presentation, Google was pretty vague about Buzz in a business context, both in terms of how it might be used and when it will launch (“soon” is all the company would say). During the question-and-answer session, Google co-founder Sergey Brin offered one example: When he was writing his New York Times op-ed about the legal battles over Google Book Search, he found sharing with one person at a time to be “frustrating,” so he solicited feedback from other Googlers using Buzz, starting a conversation thread with around 50 comments.

So document sharing and document collaboration are an obvious use. What’s telling about that example is that its also one of the main use cases for real-time collaboration tool Google Wave. Wave’s reception till now has been pretty lukewarm, so is Buzz supposed to be an improved version of Wave? It seems much more useful than Wave to me, since it’s built into Gmail rather than as a separate product.

Bradley Horowitz, vice president of product management, said there may be integration with Wave in the future, but that “they are thriving and on their own trajectory.”

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