Meebo adds real-time notifications to its social toolbar

Meebo is adding a new feature to the Meebo Bar: real-time notifications. The notifications will allow partner sites to remind visitors whenever there’s fresh content or promotions.

The Meebo Bar runs at the bottom of media sites like the Hollywood Reporter and social networking sites like MyYearbook, allowing visitors to chat and to share content on social services like Facebook and Twitter. The site owner and Meebo share the revenue from ads that runs on the Meebo Bar.

With the new real-time feature, publications can push notifications to their users, wherever they are on the site. For example, AdWeek said it will use real-time notifications to let readers know about new top stories. Once a user sees a notification in the bar, they can click on it, opening a menu where they can click through to the various articles. Meebo’s real-time notifications can also be tied to a site’s RSS feed.

The Mountain View, Calif., company says the Meebo Bar is used on more than 3,000 sites.

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