BlackArrow scores $20M for new TV ads, partners with on-demand TV company NDS

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BlackArrow — a provider of advertising products for “new TV” platforms like video on demand, DVR, mobile, and online video — has announced that it has raised $20 million in third-round funding. In addition, it has formed a partnership with NDS, a company which enables TV operators, content owners, and others to deliver content to new TV platforms.

BlackArrow’s Advanced Advertising System allows content providers to manage ad campaigns across multiple platforms, and also offers the ability to tailor-fit ads to the content the viewer is watching. In addition to bringing ads to streaming video on the web and mobile, it lets providers sneak advertisements to DVR viewers who are used to time shifting commercials.

Given the increasingly popularity of these new TV platforms, providers desperately need to find ways to effectively advertise on them, and BlackArrow’s technology seems to providers a bit of hope. It differs from traditional on-demand advertising because it’s built to be dynamic — the tech can bring fresh and relevant ads to viewers regardless of when they watch something. Previously, on-demand ads were selected months ahead of time, and could end up being stale by the time they’re viewed, according to AdAge.

NDS led the funding round, in addition to partnering with BlackArrow. NDS’s advertising technology compliments BlackArrow’s offering — it enables content providers to locate, measure, and engage their audience. Together, they give content providers a vast amount of control over ads across multiple on-demand platforms — something which could give BlackArrow an edge over competitors like YuMe. NDS will also be getting a seat on the BlackArrow board of directors, thanks to the funding.

BlackArrow is based out of San Jose, Calif. Existing investors also participated in the funding round, including Cisco Systems, Comcast Interactive Capital, Intel Capital, Mayfield Fund and Polaris Venture Partners.

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