Are you dummies ready for location services?

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For all of you who are still trying to figure out how to use location-based services for your business, fear no more. We’ve gotten wind that, come June 2011,, the infamous how-to series from Wiley Publishing will have a new book on the market — “Location Based Marketing for Dummies”.

The really interesting part of the new Dummies book is that it may bring a bit of good news to the location-based space. While many people have dismissed the location-based market based on recent results (Pew Internet findings, for example, say that only 4% of online Americans use location-based services), clearly Wiley thinks it’s going to be big.

The book’s authors, Powered chief marketer Aaron Strout and Mike Schneider, senior vice president at advertising and interactive agency Allen & Gerritsen, have worked with a number of clients on location-based campaigns.

According to Strout’s blog, topics covered in the book will include:

  • Choosing the right platform(s)
  • Building a location-based campaign
  • Creating a relevant offer
  • Location-based services as part of your loyalty program
  • Integrating location-based services with other marketing efforts
  • Developing a monitoring strategy
  • Key performance indicators and measurement

If you’re a location-based service and are wondering how to get involved, the two authors are looking for help. According to Mike’s blog, you can send a tweet to @schneidermike with the hashtag #LBM4D to let them know about you.

[Full disclosure: The authors announced the new book during a webinar I co-presented for digital engagement agency Piehead, where I work as a social strategist].

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