Facebook wants to be your…. homepage?

Facebook is apparently starting a push to get users to make it their default homepage. In fact, that’s exactly what they are doing with a new “Make Facebook Home” button that is beginning to appear on the top of user’s profiles.

Users logging in may be prompted by several pictures of their friends and a customized sentence reading, “See what’s happening with Stephanie, Kim and the rest of your friends the moment you open your browser.” At the end of the sentence is a large blue button that reads “Make Facebook Home.” Upon clicking (which I didn’t want to do) the user has a choice of either making the page their homepage or adding to their homepage tabs.

One can’t help but wonder if this is an attempt to compete with Google and its seeming dominance as a homepage. While Facebook users may be spending more and more time on the service, I can’t imagine people seeing it as beneficial as Google and it’s powerful search capabilities.

We’ve asked Facebook how widely the new feature is being rolled out and when we get a response we will let you know. The company is probably testing the service now to see the adoption rate and whether people see Facebook as a homepage. My bet, is that they click “cancel.”

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