Scvngr won’t be outdone, gets its own major drink distributor

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Scvngr, the check-in application that asks users to complete activity challenges, just announced a strategic partnership with major drink distributor Coca Cola. The two have joined forces to give users who check-in to certain Simon Malls across United States the opportunity to earn points and rewards like gift cards and other Coke-branded merchandise.

Starting Friday, November 26, Scvngr users who check-in at one of the malls will be prompted to complete the new Coke Secret Formula Challenges. Some of the challenges include tasks like having a friend snap a photo of you high-fiving a fellow mall patron (bonus points if your target is drinking a Coke) or snapping a photo of hiding locations throughout the mall (maybe that’s where the Coke Secret Formula is hidden).

The Scvngr partnership couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Just hours ago, Foursqaure announced a partnership and new loyalty program pilot with Safeway and PepsiCo. The pilot will allow PepsiCo to engage Safeway loyalty card users at any Vons, a grocery store chain owned by Safeway.

In a recent interview with Scvngr chief executive and founder Seth Priebatsch, he argued that the future of location-based services lies in storytelling and experiences, not just check ins. The partnership with Coca Cola may be another step for Scvngr in that direction.

Boston-based Scvngr, founded in 2008, has secured $4.8 million in funding and just recently reached more than 500,000 users.

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