Dell dumps its Macbook Air competitor Adamo

Dell AdamoDell is killing off its ultraportable Adamo laptop line, which was initially meant to compete with Apple’s impossibly thin Macbook Air, according to CNet.

The news doesn’t come as a huge surprise, as Dell has been offering the Adamo at a deep discount since December. The Adamo launched at a pricey $2,000 in March 2009. But as of January, Dell was selling the laptop for $799. Now it’s yet another example of a PC manufacturer trying to compete toe-to-toe with Apple and failing.

The Adamo featured a solid-state hard drive like the Air, had a slick aluminum case and was ultra-thin at just .65 inches. It was more powerful and featured a higher resolution screen than the first-generation Macbook Air, but Apple struck back with an even more compelling Air last year. The new Macbook Air started at a mere $999 for the 11-inch version, and the more compelling 13.3-inch model started at a reasonable $1,299. After seeing the new Air, it was clear the Adamo’s days were numbered.

A source told CNet that the Adamo’s spirit may live on in a new Dell laptop set to be revealed within six months. Meanwhile, Samsung is set to launch its own Macbook Air competitor soon with the 9 Series ultraportable laptop.