Gamification company GreenGoose raises $100k on stage at Launch Conference

GreenGoose, which slaps accelerometers on everything to turn everyday activities into a game, impressed so many people at the Launch Conference in San Francisco today that it managed to raise $100,000 on-stage from angel investor Shervin Pishevar and early stage venture capitalist Jay Levy.

“This stuff is not easy to do,” Levy said. “This is pretty difficult, and they took on something they should be commended for.”

The company makes stickers that users put on things like drinking bottles, vitamin bottles and toothbrushes. They then register with GreenGoose online to start collecting points. Whenever someone takes a drink of water or brushes their teeth, the site awards points. There’s also an accelerometer that measures how long users exercise, and awards points for that. The batteries in the stickers last for around a year.

The company impressed attendees and investors so much that GreenGoose managed to get Levy and Pishevar to say on-stage they would invest $100,000 in the company — although Launch Conference host Jason Calacanis certainly played a part. Calacanis encouraged the crowd to cheer on GreenGoose and judges to close the round on stage. GreenGoose said it was looking to raise around $3 million overall.

“As a recent investor I have to say this is a pretty amazing opportunity for insurance companies and health care companies,” Pishevar said. “I’m really excited about this.”

GreenGoose was one of several companies that did not make an official presentation during the main part of the Launch Conference but was presenting its wares to attendees in the pit outside the presentations.


  1. [...] He’s is a much-liked and much-respected figure on the startup scene. In addition to starting SGN (which was acquired in April by MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe’s social gaming company MindJolt), Pishevar also founded publishing startup Webs, and he’s an angel investor who has backed startups, according to The Times. I was most impressed at the Launch conference when, after some egging from conference organizer Jason Calacanis and the audience, Pishevar committed on-stage to invest in gamification company GreenGoose. [...]

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