Location-based storytelling site Broadcastr opens to the public

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Everyone has a story to share, and New York City-based Broadcastr aims to help you share them.

The company is opening up its beta site to the public today, which will allow you to listen to stories tied to specific locations as well as share you own tales. Broadcastr sees itself as an answer to the transient nature of social media. It’s aiming to create a historical archive of stories around the world, in addition to providing instant access to stories happening at the moment.

Broadcastr joins sites like Audioboo in the audio sharing arena, but it differs with its heavy focus on location. It also has plenty of valuable content to listen to already, thanks to partnerships with over 100 cultural and historical organizations. Shoudio, another location-based audio sharing site, doesn’t have nearly as much choice of content.

The company’s beta website is basically a giant map with audio stories pinned all over. You can search for stories, explore different categories of content, or view stories from a specific location. The site currently features content uploaded from all over the world, including several entries from Antarctica. You can either record your own story while on the site, or upload existing audio.

At the moment, you can only share and listen to Broadcastr’s content via its website. The company is planning to launch iPhone and Android apps later this month, which will greatly extend its usefulness. We’re currently awaiting funding details from Broadcastr.

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