Android Market gets movie rentals

Google is launching a movie rental store within its Android Marketplace, the company said today at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. The store will basically be a carbon copy of the movie rental store that’s available through Apple’s App Store. Users pay around $2 to rent movies and stream them over the Internet in high-definition.

The movies can be streamed in high-definition from cloud servers to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Mobile devices automatically download the movies in the background, so they can be played when there is no Internet access.

Users can rent the movies from either the Android Marketplace, which has a movies tab next to the Apps and Books tabs. Movie rentals are available through a web site as well. Once users start watching a movie, they have 24 hours to watch it from start to finish. Once purchased, the rental is available for 30 days before it expires.

The new service will be available for Android 2.2 users in a few weeks.

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