Microsoft and Samsung introduce first Windows 8 tablet for developers

windows 8 samsung tablet
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windows 8 samsung tablet

Microsoft on Tuesday introduced the Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC, the first Windows 8 tablet. Windows President Steven Sinofsky showed off the new device while showing off many Windows 8 features at the Microsoft BUILD 2011 keynote in Anaheim, Calif. today.

Microsoft said it will give out 5,000 of these devices to developers at the BUILD conference. While that’s nice, the bigger picture is that this tablet could be considered a strong prototype of a consumer-focused Samsung-built Windows 8 machine.

This is the first ever collaboration between Microsoft and Samsung on a specific hardware device. Partnering with Samsung seems like a smart move because the Korean firm has already built several Android tablets with great hardware. With this new relationship in place, Samsung will likely launch a consumer-facing Windows 8 tablet when the new OS launches.

Microsoft first showed off its new Windows 8 OS back in early June, and the OS is being explicitly designed with the purpose of working on touch devices as well as traditional PCs. The Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC can be used both as a tablet and a traditional PC. A dock allows the tablet to transform into a makeshift PC with a keyboard and mouse. The Windows team pointed out that it even supports a dual-monitor hookup for power users.

The specifications of the device make it seem more PC than a tablet, with an Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM. On the clearly mobile side, there’s AT&T 3G connectivity and a 64GB solid state hard drive.

Check out the full specs of the developer tablet below:

windows 8 samsung tablet specs

What do you think of the Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC and what we’ve seen of Windows 8?

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