Verizon relaunches Android app store with Chomp’s help

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chomp verizon appsSo long, VCast. Verizon Wireless is relaunching its Android app store as simply “Verizon Apps,” and it’s tapping into Chomp’s powerful app search engine to help power it.

With the change, Verizon is hoping its app store will be more useful to subscribers. Chomp’s technology allows users to search for apps based on type rather than name. So, for example, you can search for “kids games” to quiet your obnoxious progeny, instead of having to be well-versed in Android kids games.

“As the number of apps has exploded, app discovery can be a challenge for mobile users,” said Todd Murphy, director of Consumer Solutions at Verizon Wireless, in a statement today. “Customers who use Verizon Apps store want to find the apps they want easily and quickly, and by integrating Chomp’s search engine, we’re enhancing that experience.”

The new Verizon Apps store will be available on all of the carrier’s Android phones this fall. Of course, it won’t replace Google’s Android Market for general app search, but Verizon has a shot at spotlighting premium apps and helping users to find apps they would otherwise ignore.

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