Workout-tracking app Endomondo hits 5 million downloads, gets $2.3M

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What fun is sweating through a tough workout if there’s nobody around to be impressed by it? Endomondo is a mobile fitness-tracking application that not only tracks your workouts, but also shares that information with like-minded fitness buffs for motivation.

Today, the company announced on its blog that it has reached 5 million downloads and secured a second round of funding for $2.3 million from Seed Capital.

Targeting joggers, cyclists, walkers and just about any other sport that has people moving from point A to point B, Endomondo is available for smartphones running Blackberry, Android and iPhone operating systems.

Users launch the app at the beginning of their workout and can track a myriad of statistics, including total distance, speed and calories burned. Other Endomondo users can see your workouts, statistics and even ask to be a friend if you’re looking for a little good-natured competition.

Similar workout-tracking applications exist, such as Runmeter and Nike’s GPS+. These other applications allow users to track workouts and share statistics with other users, as well as the individual’s social networks, like Facebook or Twitter.

The Copenhagen, Denmark-based company, founded in 2007, previously raised a first round of funding for $800k.

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