T-Mobile’s Bobsled brings free Facebook voice calls to iOS, Android, and the web

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Sometimes, just “liking” a friend’s Facebook update isn’t enough. That’s when a good old-fashioned voice call is in order.

Today, T-Mobile is expanding its efforts to let you call your Facebook friends for free with the launch of its new Bobsled VoIP apps on iOS, Android, and the web.

The new apps greatly increase the presence of T-Mobile’s Bobsled service, which launched back in April on Facebook as a way to easily call your friends on the social network. And as an extra nicety, the Bobsled web app also allows you to call any phone number in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico for free from your desktop browser.

There are already plenty of mobile VoIP offerings available, including Rebtel and Viber, but Bobsled is the first to be solely devoted to letting you chat with your Facebook followers. That may ultimately help the Bobsled apps become more widely adopted, especially among teens and users who keep a close watch on their monthly cellular voice minutes.

Just as with the original Facebook Bobsled app, the new apps are also powered by Vivox’s VoiceEverywhere service. T-Mobile has previously said that it plans to integrate video chat into Bobsled as well.

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