A look at the history of Cyber Monday (infographic)

Cyber Monday thumb
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Cyber Monday thumbThe current holiday season is shaping up to become the most lucrative ever for businesses, as VentureBeat has noted in many reports today.

Cyber Monday sales may reach $1.2 billion this year, up from $1 billion last season. Part of that increase might be due to shoppers either not finding what they wanted on Black Friday or wanting to avoid its crushing crowds altogether. Ultimately, it seems that the fictitious capitalist holiday is here to stay.

Of the businesses that are benefiting, none have had more of a boost than online retail giant Amazon. As VentureBeat’s Jennifer Van Grove notes, Amazon sales jumped 30 percent on Thanksgiving Day and continued to climb throughout the weekend. With that kind of growth, along with some killer deals, Amazon’s Cyber Monday might end up being the climax for the entire holiday season.

But Cyber Monday is hardly a recent phenomenon. In fact, it first kicked off six years ago as a way for online retailers to compensate for the lack of brick and mortar store locations. Check out the infographic below for a deeper look at the history of Cyber Monday (click image to enlarge).

[Infographic via YouNeverLose.com]

Cyber Monday History Inforgraphic