Onavo’s Android widget lets you track mobile data usage in real time

onavo android app
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Now Android users will have an even better sense of just how much precious bandwidth their apps are using.

Onavo, a company known for its iPhone app that compress mobile data, has upgraded its Android app today with a new widget that can give you real-time feedback on app data usage.

While there are lots of apps that can report on mobile data usage, Onavo’s is the first to let you see in real-time which apps are hogging bandwidth. This allows you to kill data hogging apps before they wreak havoc on your cellphone bill. The app also adds two other new widgets that can tell you how much of your data plan is left, as well as how much total data each app uses.

Onavo’s updated Android app is available for free on the Android Market. Unfortunately, the new app doesn’t yet offer the data compression capabilities of Onavo’s iOS app (which was so cool we awarded the company the top prize at our MobileBeat 2011 conference) — instead it focuses on keeping you aware of your phone’s data usage.

“When you go to the gas station you see exactly how much gas you have pumped and what it costs – now it’s the same for your smartphone,” Onavo CEO Guy Rosen said in a statement today.

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