Why women have a hard time raising money for startups, part 2 (video)

Business woman
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Every now and then, we hear from a female startup founder who says she’s having a hard time raising money. She can’t quite figure out if it’s her idea or her slide deck or — and no one wants to think this — if it’s simply the fact that she’s a woman pitching an idea to a roomful of male investors.

We recently invited Comcast Ventures‘ Amy Banse into the VentureBeat studio to discuss the phenomenon of subtle sexism in the world of venture capital. After all, who better to ask for advice about female founders fundraising than a female VC?

Banse also talks about trends in startups — especially technology-focused startups — and gender. We got to discuss the controversial topic of women doing startups in “girly” categories such as beauty sites or dating sites and whether that’s reinforcing negative norms about what women can and cannot do or understand.

Stay tuned for all nine minutes of a fascinating conversation with a wildly intelligent, experienced lady… and a cornball reporter, too.

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