Watch out! There’s some adults-only vocabulary in Startup Land.

For this week’s video show installment, we decided to deliver a very special VBWeekly addressing the dangers of myopia and jargon.

Also, we decided to slay what’s left of the “Sh*t People Say” meme.

Since we get a lot of press releases, talk to a lot of VCs and entrepreneurs, and live the dream ourselves as startup employees, who better to skewer the startup community than VentureBeat, we figured.

From VentureBeat
Got translation? You got problems. We’re here to help. Localization and translation tips from the best minds in marketing.

We took a liberal amount of this script from real life (the number of times we’ve heard “We don’t have any competitors” is astronomical), but some of it is fictional.

Generous thanks goes out to @MochaSips, @CynthiaSchames, @dabent, and @matthewcyan for their Twitter suggestions.

And to the many, many hard-working developers, founders, VCs, angels, bloggers, and PR folks whose work we quote directly, please know that we’re laughing with you, and we know very well that VentureBeat wouldn’t have anything to write about without you. We mock only with the greatest love.

Special thanks to “the talent” and “the crew”: Sarah Mitroff, Meghan Kelly, Garrett McCullum, Amanda Lopez, Matt Marshall, Jason Spangenthal, and Jolie O’Dell.