Samsung denies Galaxy S III April release, but says stay tuned

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Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung this morning officially denied a report that said its upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone would launch in April, but the company said it would reveal eventually announce the launch date on Twitter.

The denial came from the Korean Samsung Tomorrow Twitter account, which makes sense since the rumors surrounding the April launch data began at ZDNet’s Korean arm. The company reiterated that the Galaxy S III is still on track for launch in the first half of this year, in a statement to The Verge.

It’s likely that an April release for the Galaxy S III was in the works for Samsung, but the company didn’t want to pigeonhole itself into that month. The company could be waiting to finalize a quad-core version of its Exynos processor for the Galaxy S III.

Most recently, we’ve heard that the Galaxy S III could sport a huge 4.8-inch screen (bigger than Google’s flagship Galaxy Nexus) as well as a ceramic case. The phone could be as thin a 7 millimeters, and is expected to feature updated cameras as well. By this point, it’s a given that it’ll sport Android 4.0 and LTE connectivity.

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