iPhoto for iOS hits 1M users in less than two weeks

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Apple‘s iPhoto application for the iPhone and iPad reached one million users in the less than two weeks since its release, according to the Loop.

The company announced the iPhoto app at its March 7 third-generation iPad launch. The app fills a hole in the company’s mobile offering that was previously filled by filter-loving photo apps such as Instagram and other editing software. iPhoto, which already exists on Mac computers, lets you color, edit, re-size, crop, enhance, and add a variety of filters to photos.

iPhoto on iOS is different from its Mac counterpart, however. It takes advantage of the touch screen, and lets you edit specific areas of a photo by swiping a finger. For example, if you’d like to brighten just one face in your photo, you can swirl your finger over the face and make the specific enhancement. You can select various brushes and tools from the bottom of the screen (pictured).

Organizing your photos is different as well. You still have various albums, which are kept on a shelf that looks similar to Apple’s Newsstand. But now you can also put photos into “journals” and share them over iCloud via a public link. You can supplement the photos in a journal with various data, including the date each picture was taken, a map to the location in the photo, what the weather was like that day, and more.

As the Loop notes, Apple is counting users here, as opposed to downloads. The app costs $4.99 to download and is only compatible with the iPad 2, the iPhone 4, and more recent devices.

Image via Heather Kelly

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