Website navigation startup WalkMe nabs $1M investment

WalkMe demo screen
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WalkMe demo screen

WalkMe, a startup that provides a step-by-step walk-through service for websites, has nabbed $1 million in funding, the company announced today.

WalkMe’s service helps users navigate a site by placing pop-up bubbles in certain locations to lead the user through each logical step. For instance, a banking website’s sign-up/login field might have a pop-up, followed by a bubble over a button that leads to that person’s checking account activity page. It’s more or less a GPS for websites that requires no integration or modification to the site itself.

For companies that have a website with bad user-interface design and no budget to create a new site from scratch, WalkMe could definitely help out.

WalkMe said it plans to use the new funding to broaden its marketing efforts and accelerate growth.

The Tel Aviv-based startup, which publicly launched earlier this month, has attracted more than 1,000 registered users. The new investment comes from Mangrove Capital Partners.