New iPad hits South Korea, Venezuela, and 10 other countries this week

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Apple will release the new iPad to 12 new countries including South Korea, Malaysia, and Venezuela, the company announced Monday morning.

The new iPad has proven quite popular since its release in March, with more than three million units sold in the first weekend of release in 10 countries, including the U.S. and Australia. The device has been accused of running hot and charging slowly, but for the most part it has been swept up by consumers who like the top-notch screen and powerful graphics chip.

On Friday April 20, the new iPad will launch in Brunei, Croatia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Malaysia, Panama, St Maarten, Uruguay, and Venezuela. Next up in the release schedule will be 9-country release that starts Friday, April 27. The new iPad will then arrive in Colombia, Estonia, India, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, South Africa, and Thailand.

Let us know in the comments if you are in one of these countries getting the device this month and if you’re thinking about buying the new iPad.

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