Apple creating private eatery so you can’t “OH” its employees on Twitter

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Apple restaurant

Other than the restaurants surrounding Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., Silicon Valley has to be one of the best places to eavesdrop. Which is exactly why Apple is building a private, off-campus eatery.

The Cupertino Planning Commission granted Apple permission this week to build the structure, which will exist at the northeast corner of Bandley and Alves Drives. The 21,468-square-foot restaurant will be two stories tall and will include a courtyard, meeting rooms, lounging spaces, and of course, a cafeteria. The second floor will be reserved for cafeteria staff only, and will probably house Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory along with all of Apple’s other secrets.

Apple restuarant location“We like to provide a level of security so that people and employees can feel comfortable talking about their business, their research, and whatever project they’re engineering without fear of competition sort of overhearing their conversations,” said Apple’s director of real estate facilities Dan Whisenhunt at the Cupertino Planning Commission meeting Tuesday. “That is a real issue today in Cupertino because we’ve got other companies here in our same business.”

The new private restaurant will have parking for 70, though it is expected that most people will walk from Apple’s satellite offices in the area. Apple has set up shuttles as well, and is planning to transport 228 people per hour to the eatery during peak eating times. It can double that if people get really hungry.

Whisenhunt also mentioned a second private restaurant in the works, as Apple begins work on its new campus.

The company is moving its complete staff from One Infinite Loop in Cupertino to a new, spaceship-like building on a piece of property once owned by HP. Plans for the building design were submitted to the Cuptertino City Council by Steve Jobs himself and will accommodate up to 13,000 employees.

What Apple actually needs to do is turn their Genius Bars into drinking bars. That seems to be the real venue of choice for leaking information. They can serve Apple-tinis.

Photoshop by Meghan Kelly, Apple logo via zolierdos/Flickr, Waiter image via Shutterstock, hat tip The Next Web