Apple may be in talks to acquire music-editing startup Redmatica

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Apple is rumored to be in acquisition talks with music-editing startup Redmatica, according to Italian news blog Fanpage.

Italian-based Redmatica produces music editing software for OS X, with four main products that range in scope from casual to professional. The company’s main product, KeyMap Pro focuses on sampled instruments, but all the products seem to have support for both of Apple’s digital music editing programs, Garage Band and Logic Pro.

While we don’t know the terms of the acquisition (if it proves true), it would make sense for Apple to pick up the company. It could easily combine the talents and technology from Redmatica into its own music editing products.

The Fanpage report says proof of Redmatica’s sale to Apple can be found within documents from Italian communications regulator AGCOM, as TechCrunch notes. However, we’ve reached out to Apple about the deal for confirmation. We’ll update the post with any new information we find out.

Photo by ra2 Studio/ Shutterstock