Opinion social network Thumb gets a facelift, with a few cues from Pinterest

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thumb slide

Thumb, the opinion-based social network formerly known as Opinionaided, is launching its next major update today with Thumb 3.0. The latest build refines the Thumb interface with visual flourishes and a built-in chat application, but perhaps the biggest change is the new ability to share your interests, similar to the hot image sharing site Pinterest.

“We found that behaviorally, a lot of users loved the real-time interaction with other people, they wanted the ability to state and communicate in real-time,” said Thumb CEO Dan Kurani in an interview with VentureBeat.

The free Thumb apps, available for the iPhone and Android, always allowed you to ask questions and get instant responses from the company’s highly engaged user base by sending out questions. But now you can also simply state an opinion to get feedback.

As part of the redesign, you can now curate a list of your interests on your Thumb profile, which ends up looking like Pinterest’s image boards. There’s also a leader board to compete with your friends on the service.

While it’s often tough to find time for yet another social network, Thumb has a lot to offer that Facebook, Twitter, and others don’t. There’s something addictive about getting almost instant responses to your queries, and for people who have to share their opinion on just about everything, it’s a dream. Back in December, users were seeing around 70 responses on average to their questions within a few minutes, a number that’s likely higher now.

Thumb says that its users remain highly engaged on the service, with the average user spending 3 hours and 50 minutes on the app monthly (or around twice as much as Pinterest’s users as of March).

Thumb is based in New York City and has raised around $5.5 million across two rounds of funding.

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