Google overload, or, if we never see Sergey Brin’s adorable face again, it’ll be too soon

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There was a time when summer was slow. News would lull. Folks would go on vacation.

Not this year.

Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and now Google have conspired to work technology journalists to death over the past six weeks or so. And this week was Google’s week to hammer another nail into our collective coffin.

So, here’s what happened at Google I/O this week in San Francisco:

May your weekend be free of anything related to Google.

*The author maintains her cranky assertion that “Chrome OS is a lie,” since Chromebooks are actually Linux-running laptops with the Chrome browser as the only user-accessible application. “You want an OS? I’ll give you an OS. It’s called Ubuntu, and it’s not at freaking Best Buy,” the aging tech reporter screeched when reached for comment.