Prezi adds a third dimension to its zooming presentations

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Adding a new dimension to presentations everywhere, three-year-old startup Prezi is providing its unorthodox presenters with 3D and fade-in animation tools to help them express their big ideas in bold new ways.

Prezi is the company that makes a non-linear, zooming presentation tool built around cognitive science and spacial-relativity constructs. As the counter to the PowerPoint, Prezi offers its more than 12 million members a slide-free way to put all of their ideas on a single canvas so that they can zoom in to tell a single story or zoom out to highlight the bigger picture.

The new features are centered around making complex design constructs used by professionals accessible to novices with a penchant for stunning presentations. Specifically, Prezi users can now add 3D background images to their presentations for depth, as well as weave in fade-in animations for more spectacular reveals.

“To think big and tell inspiring stories, you need to have space to develop and share your ideas,” Prezi CEO, Peter Arvai said in a statement. “Now, with a simple click you can create zooming presentations in 3D: a true space for your ideas, and a memorable journey for your audience.”

The aesthetic-enhancing features follow the recent release of a the more practical PowerPoint import tool to further round out the Prezi product.

Prezi has offices in San Francisco and Budapest. The startup has raised $15.5 million in funding to date and is cash-flow positive.