Reachable: 100 billion connections means someone you need to meet knows someone you know

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It’s really, really hard to sell to Joe Blow.

Joe, who knows my former boss Frank, on the other hand … that’s an entirely different matter. That is the premise behind Reachable, a social connection tool for business-to-business sales professionals, which just updated its “enterprise social” graph to over 100 billion connections.

“Companies are sitting on a goldmine of under-utilized social assets – the relationships of all their employees, their customers, and their partners,” said Reachable chief executive Al Campa in a statement.

The idea behind Reachable is to gather all those relationship and then correlate them with the connections that the company already knows about. And then to leverage them to help salespeople make connections, turning cold calls into at least semi-lukewarm conversations.


Because, according to Reachable, a potential customer is five times more likely to return a sales call if they have some kind of personal connection with the rep.

Reachable built the social graph through analyzing online profiles of both businesses and individuals. The company says they are aggregated from “a number of sources,” which I presume but cannot confirm includes LinkedIn and Plaxo. By checking work history and educational background, Reachable creates a web of connections that could enable sales reps to find a common alma mater, a shared former colleague, or another point of connection.

The cloud-based service is integrated with and Oracle CRM on Demand, so clients of those tools can use the tool right inside a familiar environment. In addition, Campa said, “Reachable supports the import of information from LinkedIn and Facebook as well as email address books.”

The company has released a free version with limited functionality and a premium version, priced at $49/user/month; a desktop version is also available.

Reachable has received venture funding from Rho Ventures, Signal Peak Ventures, and Parkview Ventures. It is based in Palo Alto and Salt Lake City.

Image credit: Alekup/ShutterStock

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