The 25 most popular online tools for freelancers (infographic)

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BestVendor is releasing the result of its 2012 Freelancer Survey tomorrow, revealing the most popular tools and apps for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

But the company gave VentureBeat a sneak peek today.

The single most popular tool? Überpopular file-sharing, storage, and back-up service DropBox. Evernote, the electronic memory app, comes in at No. 4.

The number of times Google shows up on the list is simply shocking, although I supposed it shouldn’t be. Google make no less than seven appearances in to the top 25, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Voice, Google Calendar, Google Alerts, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics.

(Add Google Search to the list of freelancer tools and I’m guessing seven would magically transform to eight.)

One fly in this survey’s ointment? The company only surveyed about 100 entrepreneurs. If I remember anything at all from my university statistics course, that might give it a reliability factor of don’t-have-a-freaking-clue.

In any case, here’s the infographic.

Little contest: as you check it out … count how many services you use or have used, and put your number in the comments. Will your score beat mine? My number is 17.

Photo credit: female freelancer/ShutterStock

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