Yahoo may be on the hunt for a chief operating officer, as CEO Marissa Mayer begins to flesh out the company with people who complement her product prowess.

All Things D‘s sources say recruiting firm Spencer Stuart is putting its feelers out for someone who can focus on financials and business decisions while Mayer goes to town on Yahoo’s product strategy. Spencer Stuart played a role in recruiting Marissa Mayer from her executive position at Google.

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Mayer has some executive positions to fill since Ross Levinsohn, one of Yahoo’s senior executives, left the company after being passed over for Mayer’s job. He served as the interim chief executive while Yahoo was in CEO limbo following an education scandal that booted Scott Thompson from the role.

Most recently, Mayer told shareholders they may not see any money from the sale of half of Yahoo’s stake in Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba. The stake, which is said to be valued around $7 billion, could be recycled back into the company, which already started undergoing layoffs during Thompson’s leadership.

It looks like Mayer may also be recruiting familiar faces. Rumors spread around last week that she had her sites on current Twitter vice president Katie Jacobs Stanton. Stanton worked at Google as well.

Mayer took the job with Yahoo in July to the tech community’s surprise. She was Google’s 20th employee and is credited with helping bring about the simple Google search home page and Gmail.

via All Things D; Image via Jolie O’Dell, Flickr

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