99Designs competitor Scoutzie connects you with top mobile designers

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Scoutzie, a Y Combinator, SV Angel, and 500 Startups backed startup, helps companies connect with mobile designers for short-term projects.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company describes itself as a “Airbnb for design.” On its curated marketplace, mobile designers (specializing in iOS, Android, and Windows) from around the world can show off their work.

Founder Kirill Zubovsky (pictured, left), who took the stage at the Y Combinator Demo Day today, said the startup has already pulled in some prominent members in the design community, including the designer behind the Instagram icon, and the Airbnb logo.

The site is initially focused on mobile design, but Zubovsky said “mobile is just the beginning.” He explained that he and his cofounder, Jennifer Toda, started the site because thousands of people are looking for a designer and can’t afford to hire one in-house or turn to an agency.

“The lucky ones hire one in-house,” he said. “But most people have to look somewhere else like Odesk or 99 Designs.” Scoutzie aims to be an alternative to those services, which boast vast connections to mobile and web designers. “Design is so vital to the success of your application,” Zubovsky added.