Skype’s iOS apps add photo sharing, performance upgrades

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Skype is making a few key additions with version 4.1 of its apps for the iPad and iPhone.

First, the apps will finally let users share photos with contacts. This is a feature already present in the desktop version of Skype, and it will be a welcome addition to the iOS offerings. Skype says there’s no limit on file size, which it hopes will be reason enough for users to stop sending photos through their phone’s messaging services and use Skype instead.

The update comes a few months after Skype released version 4.0 of its app, which added a variety of interface enhancements.

Along with photo sharing, Skype has also tweaked the performance of the apps so that they are less demanding on batteries. The company wants Skype running on users’ devices nonstop, so making the apps less power-hungry means more users will keep them open.

Lastly, Skype is making sure the apps load faster, which should make it easier for users to resume their conversations if the apps crash.

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