Remember Google’s TV ad unit? The one that’s shutting down in the next few months?

Looks like the doomed unit is in for a little bit more pain before the end, as it has apparently violated federal law in censoring the national Green Party’s political ads.

The Green Party placed this ad for presidential candidate Jill Stein with Google TV to air today, September 4:

Unfortunately for Jill Stein, she uses the word “bullshit,” about 30 seconds in. It’s bleeped, at least partially, but obvious. And Google did not approve. Yesterday they told the Green Party that the ads were canceled due to “inappropriate language.”

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That’s a problem, according to Jill Stein, because there is a law against censoring political ads submitted by candidates for public office. And it’s an urgent problem, because with the Republican national convention last week and the Democratic convention this week, it’s a critical time to influence the national debate.

The upside for the Green party?

Getting censored is probably the best media exposure they could ever hope for — certainly better than they could pay for.

photo credit: Toni Blay via photo pin cc

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