Amazon teases new Kindle Fire, Kindle e-reader in TV ad

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We’re only a few hours away until Amazon unveils its new devices at a Santa Monica media event today, but the company gave consumers a bit of a preview last night with its latest ad.

The minute-long ad aired during the Giants/Cowboys game last night, and it shows off several of the rumored Amazon devices we’ve been expecting: A new Kindle e-reader with a “Paperwhite” display, a revamped 7-inch Kindle Fire, and what appears to be a large iPad-sized tablet as well.

We’re expecting Amazon to be extremely competitive when it comes to pricing. Last year’s Kindle Fire was the first mainstream $200 to hit the market, and that price quickly led it to become the most popular Android tablet. Now, we think Amazon will focus on making cheap sexy with a more powerful $200 Kindle Fire, which will go toe-to-toe with the fantastic Nexus 7.

But perhaps most intriguing, we’re hearing that Amazon may keep the lower-end Kindle Fire around with the addition of ads, which could drive its price down to $100.

VentureBeat’s Jennifer Van Grove will be on the ground at Amazon’s event today, which is scheduled to begin at 10 A.M. Pacific.

Via The Verge

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