Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Lumias may hit AT&T Nov. 2, Europe to follow

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As impressed as we were by Nokia’s new Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 smartphones, it’s a shame that the company didn’t having pricing or release details to share earlier this week.

Now, the Verge and Techradar are reporting that the phones will hit AT&T on November 2, while Reuters points to a European launch later that month.

While no solid Windows Phone 8 release date is available yet, we’re expecting the updated OS to launch at the end of October. If so, the early November timing makes sense for Nokia, especially since it’s the flagship handset maker for Windows Phone. Still, if the phones were coming so soon, it’s surprising that Nokia couldn’t reveal the release date at its launch event this past Wednesday.

Pricing details, unfortunately, are still up in the air. But I’d be shocked if Nokia priced the Lumia 920 above $200 (on contract). And given that both Nokia and Microsoft will be contending with the iPhone 5’s release, which we’re hearing could be around September 21, the company could entice consumers to the Lumia 920 by pricing it around $150. As for the Lumia 820, I expect that to cost around $100 on contract.

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