At least one hacker has already jailbroken the iPhone 5

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Photo of chpwn's jailbroken iPhone 5

That didn’t take long: Yesterday, iPhone hacker Grant Paul, aka chpwn, posted pictures of his jailbroken iPhone 5.

“Taller screens like Cydia too,” Paul tweeted, referring to the Cydia app store for jailbroken iPhones, and including a screenshot of his iPhone’s home screen.

It could have been an easy Photoshop job, but Paul has a good reputation in the jailbreaking community. He’s one of the co-authors of a 2011 hack that enabled Siri on jailbroken iPhones. He also runs a site that helps people jailbreak their iPhones. Paul posted additional images to back up his claim: one screenshot showing the Cydia store screen, plus a photo of his iPhone.

Paul hasn’t posted details on his jailbreak, and other hackers don’t seem to have replicated his work yet. Still, as one commenter wryly noted (and Paul retweeted), it suggests that iOS 6 is vulnerable to zero-day hacks.

We’re working to get more details on the jailbreak and will follow up as we learn more.

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