Foursquare adds “always on” notification to help you track (or stalk) your friends

Image Credit: nan palmero/Flickr
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Check-in and city exploration app Foursquare is making it even easier to be always in the know when your friends flit about the world — because, of course, it’s not creepy at all to keep super close tabs on your friends.

The places-centric social network today introduced a notifications option called “Always On.” The feature allows members to receive notifications for each and every check-in selected friends’ make, even when they’re not nearby.

The new option is a small addition to the service, which previously only allowed Foursquare users to receive check-in notifications for friends in the same city.

Members can visit a friend’s Foursquare profile to toggle the check-in notification to always on, as pictured below. Note that this is a feature private to friends, and that a Foursquare member can only get the always-on notifications for users who have accepted friendship requests.

Still, the implications are rather interesting. A loved one, for instance, could know that you’ve arrived safely at your destination. A friend could keep tabs on your European tour. Or a boss, if you’ve Foursquare-friended your superior, could get instantly notified when you’ve checked in somewhere scandalous.

As such, the feature reinforces the idea that Foursquare is intended to be a social networking experience shared by real friends, not just mere acquaintances. If anything, this stalker-friendly feature may inspire people to prune and fine-tune their Foursquare friends’ lists.

Photo credit: nan palmero/Flickr

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